Liquid cooled CCTV camera housings, stainless steel

We carry several models of air and liquid cooled camera housings for hot environments. Water or liquid circulating through the housing will keep camera temperature within acceptable levels while outside temperature might be up to 450 deg C (750 deg F)!

129 and 168 denotes diameter of the enclosure tubes respectively. Usable internal size is 89x89mm for 129LC housing and 116x116mm for 168LC housing. Length depends on the model.

There are also models with Ge glass for the thermal vision cameras. Order proper model and do not forget mounting brackets and other accessories.

Liquid Cooled CCTV enclosures
129AC - Air cooled enclosure

129AC - Air Cooled CCTV enclosure

129LC - Liquid Cooled enclosure

129LC - Liquid Cooled CCTV enclosure

168LC - Liquid Cooled CCTV enclosure

168LC - Liquid Cooled CCTV enclosure

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