Best CCTV camera enclosures

Cooled Stainless Steel Housings 

Made from AISI316L stainless steel
AC = Air Cooled
LC = Liquid Cooled

Cool your expensive cameras where needed!

Liquid cooled series comprises AISI316L stainless steel camera housings designed to protect CCTV cameras in industrial high temperature applications (steelworks, foundries, furnaces, rolling mills) and highly corrosive environments. The LC series camera housings are formed by two stainless steel tubes close at their ends forming a special chamber the allow water or cooled liquid to cool down the housing.
The front flange is conceived to create an air barrier that cools and protects the front glass from the formation of dust and deposits, especially useful when the housing is located in foundries, near ovens or dusty places.
To avoid oil and dust particles and to provide clean air for the barrier, a filtering battery is available as optional. 
These housings are engineered to ensure the best protection from external agents and to allow an easy installation and maintenance. Specifically, the 129LC camera housing is conceived to fit medium size cameras, while the 168LC series is conceived to fit medium/large size camera being its internal diameter 168mm. Highest quality materials and production process, together with a modern design and a competitive price, make these housings the best solution to protect cameras installed in the most severe environments. IR/Thermal vision camera models available

Typical installation for 129AC (Air Cooled) enclosure 

ABFL01 is industrial air filtering unit connected to industrial air supply.
> One line of filtered air feeds pressuriezed air to Vortex cooler that cools interior of the CCTV enclosure.
> Optional air line feeds air to the window nozzle. That nozzle keeps viewing window clean from dust and dirt.

Typical installation for 129LC (Liquid Cooled) enclosure 

There are two hoses connected to the enclosure:

> Blue hose feeds cooling liquid to the enclosure. That is usually industrial water at room temperature. Tap water will do the job.
> Water flows slowly through the housing. It gets warmed up by environmental temperature and leaves housing in the rear.

Optional air line is brought in and connected to the front flange. Flange has small holes drilled inward and pointed towards the glass. Constant air flow blows away dust and dirt that could otherwise collect on thge window and impede viewing. 

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