Examples of cooled CCTV Cameras

Observe industrial processes to up to 2200 deg. C

    Examples of the typical industrial locations below it is just small selection of examples where Telea Tecnovision systems made all the difference in the world. They enable operators to monitor all important moments of industrial processes and come up with educated decisions about next phase. Also, by viewing live video and measuring crucial points operator can prevent failures or faults of the products coming out. 
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Telea Tecnovision

Using only the best!

Telea Tecnovision

Company that was started in 1930 and from 2008 TELEA TECNOVISION establishes itself as a leader in the design and construction of high temperature vision systems. Today it sports more than 300 installations around the world.

USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Uzbekistan, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Russia, China, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Honduras, Morocco, Oman, Mexico, Norway ... to name the few. Ask for a complete reference list. 

Meet our high temperature CCTV solutions

Acqua up to 400 deg C.


Industrial CCTV with cooled enclosures up to 400 deg. C - 750 deg. F

Vision 1800 for up to 1800 deg. C

Vision 1800

Industrial CCTV with cooled camera up to 1800 deg. C - 3270 deg. F

Vision 2200 - up to 2200 deg. C - 4000 deg. F

Vision 2200

Industrial CCTV with cooled camera up to 2200 deg. C - 4000 deg. F

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