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IRLED is an Infra-Red illuminator entirely made in electropolished Stainless Steel AISI316L, engineered and manufactured in Italy. It has been specifically designed for Safe Area applications, whereby duration, reliability and high performance are essential.
Equipped with standard sunshield, IRLED feature 14 x SMD Infra-Red Led with the following circular beam patterns: 15°, 19° and 34° to suit any field application. 850 nm wavelength maximises light output.
IRLED Series is intended for video surveillance applications, to allow cameras to detect high quality images at night-time. Tecnovideo IR illuminators are easy to install, maintain and offer a long-lasting performance even when installed in harsh conditions.
The operating temperature they can withstand is -20°C + 60°C (-4° + 140°F).


* 14 x SMD high power IR Leds, 850 nm wavelength
* Circular beam patterns 15°, 19°, 34°
* High performance IR LED technology
* Electro-polished AISI316L stainless steel (AISI316L) housing
* Fitted as standard with stainless steel (AISI316L) sunshield
* Operating temperature -20°C + 60°C (-4°F + 140°F)
* Available AC supply voltage: 24V~; 115V~; 230V~ (±10%)
* Available DC Ultra-Wide supply voltage: 12V= to 50V=
* External activation (via camera input/external light sensor)
* Easy and quick installation, low maintenance service
* 2 years warranty


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