Thermal-IR CCTV camera enclosures

Ge windows, various lenghts and add-ons available

Great Quality!

Tecnovideo offers a range of stainless-steel housings suitable for Thermal Imaging Cameras installation. The available series are 129, 168, 204 and 254, that can be distinguished one from another by the diameter of each enclosure.
Tecnovideo thermal housings are suitable for the following applications: night vision security surveillance, flare monitoring, public safety and rescue. Other applications include industrial and environment monitoring, military and marine purposes such as port and harbour intruders' surveillance, vessel navigation and much more.
All Tecnovideo thermal camera housings are available as standard with Germanium window for LWIR cameras (7,5-14 µm IR range). 168 and 204 series are also available with Sapphire window for MWIR cameras (1-5 µm IR range).


These camera housings were designed for a wide range of infrared thermal imaging cameras such as e FLIR (A315 A615 A310 A65 A35) and TAU 2 series.
Tecnovideo offers a range of liquid cooled camera housings suitable for integration of Thermal Imaging Cameras. The models available are 129LCIR and 168LCIR. To find out more, please visit our dedicated page.

* AISI316L stainless-steel construction
* IP66/IP67 Weatherproof standard
* Different lengths available depending on the series
* Available thermostatically controlled heater (24V AC/DC, 240 V AC versions)
*Optional integrated wash wiper version available

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