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* Advanced micro processors
* Math co-processor
* DES, 3DES, AES, RSA, ECC encryption
* Secure channel protocols
* Latest JAVA OS versions
* EMV applets
* PVC white cards
* Optional HiCo magnetic stripes
* 300000 inserts minimum
* Low cost
* Short lead time


Everybody in smart card business is aware that there is a general shortage of smart chips on the world market. NXP lead times grew from 3 months to 11-12 months so take a friendly advice and take what you can, while you can. Next day or week cards could be gone.

Secondly, don't insist on exotic chips or configurations because they may not be available at all or at exorbitant prices only. What is good in that?

Third advice is, strongly consider Chinese Java chips! They are good, fast enough, available in few short weeks and at very competitive cost. Cost that can make your smart card system feasible, marketable and available.