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  • > Stainless steel
  • > Spacious interior
  • > Certified specifically for underground mining applications
  • > Available for installation of cameras at customer’s discretion, subject to ATEX restrictions
  • > Fitted as standard with a heater/demister
  • > Optional version with triple heater for operating temperature up to -50°C

CHEP-SS Series is an ATEX certified fixed camera housing, made of AISI316L Stainless Steel, engineered for hazardous area application. It has been specifically designed for underground mining applications.
CHEP-SS camera housings are equipped with standard heater to demoisturize the enclosure’s front window. The camera housing’s design ensures best protection against external agents and allows an easy set-up and maintenance service. CHEP-SS camera housing is suitable for the installation of cameras at customer’s discretion (subject to ATEX regulations).

Product code: CHEP-SS


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