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SAP200TV2 - Model 129 (mm internal diameter)

  • > All AISI316L stainless steel
  • > 33 x zoom day/night camera
  • > Sunshield, heater and wiper
  • > Medium size

SAP200TV2 is a weatherproof PTZ camera station, entirely made in electro-polished AISI316L stainless-steel, specifically designed for hostile and highly corrosive environments. It has been engineered to grant durability and endurance. It is ideal for applications in the most severe conditions, such as Industrial, Marine and Offshore installations.
It is equipped with the latest generation 2065x1553 F 33x optical zoom IP, day/night camera, sunshield, heater/demister and wiper. A standard weatherproof PTZ camera module (without integrated camera) is also available for customer selected cameras.

Product code: SAP200TV2


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