VSPT250 dual pan-tilt camera set
Ultimate camera protection available by using AISI 316L electro polished Stainless Steel camera enclosures! IP67 protection against, hot, cold, water, salt, corrosive environment ... whatever nature can dish out VSPT250 can take it!

stainless steel cctv enclosures and accessories

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CCTV for harsh environment is tough problem to solve. Extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals, salt, wind, sun, ice are hard on any equipment. CCTV is exposed to all that and has to perform under any conditions.

As result of demand for rugged CCTV equipment Almex partnered up with manufacturers that offer uncompromised quality and ever lasting performance. We offer probably most durable CCTV enclosures and accesories available today. Stainless Steel CCTV housings, Stainless Steel Pan-Tilt units and washer tanks. Steel used is AISI316L, electropolished, the best Stainless Steel money can buy!

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Card access controller

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